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For me, software development is both, a craft and a passion: I have been learning all I can about programming languages, paradigms and adjacent technologies since I was 12 years old. I have made software development my profession starting 2013.

As such, I am a competent and seasoned PHP (Symfony / Laravel), Golang and TypeScript / JavaScript developer that doesn't just implement the logic but ensures that the project is scalable and maintainable in the future.


Running Linux on all kinds of devices, starting at Workstations and Linux but also including Phones, Microcontrollers, Single Board Computers, Routers has always been a hobby of mine.

This makes me a passionate DevOps Engineer with practical knowledge about Linux, in both more traditional setups using tools like Ansible or Chef and more advanced setups using Docker, Kubernetes and CI/CD Pipelines. I will help modernize and streamline your software development workflow and infrastructure management to ensure maximum productivity of developers and high availability of your applications.


'Chameleon' Shopsystem 2020 – 2022
Development of an e-commerce Platform based on Symfony and implementation of client specific logic for multiple clients. This client specific logic contained customization of
  • Product-Import from multiple ERP-Systems
  • Export of Orders to multiple ERP-Systems
  • Search & Filter logic
  • Order & Checkout Flow
  • Ad optimization including customer-specific newsletters
  • Display of products, up & cross-selling
Client: esono AG Industry: E-Commerce Symfony React MySQL/MariaDB Elasticsearch RabbitMQ Redis MemcacheD PHP Typescript / Javascript
Cluster Administation & DevOps 2020 – 2022
Administration of Kubernetes clusters & DevOps pipelines, both for internal and external consumers. This was largely focused on running Kubernetes clusters on cost-effective off-the-shelf hardware without relying on cloud providers to do the heavy lifting.
Client: esono AG Industry: E-Commerce Kubernetes gitlab-ci github actions Jenkins Rancher (1.x & 2.x) Galera GlusterFS
Conference App 2021 – 2022
Development of an app to allow attendees of hybrid conferences (held both, in person and remote) to get information about the event, participate in talks, connect with other attendees as well as schedule & start 1on1 calls with exhibitors or attendees.
Client: Academic Institution Nest.JS (Node) React Flutter Jitsi-Meet MySQL/MariaDB Websockets TypeScript Dart
Newsletter Customization Service 2020 – 2021
Development of a newsletter customization service for serving individual customers unique product suggestions every time they open the E-Mail. The amount of data processed made this project interesting as there were roughly 200GB of pure id-to-id mappings to be processed regularly.
Industry: E-Commerce Redis RabbitMQ Golang
'Toubiz' Tourism System 2017 – 2020
Development of system for managing tourism data and distributing that data to various outputs such as websites, catalogues, Display-Kiosks. The system was built from scratch by a team of 5-7 developers for which I was the technical contact person and decision maker.
Client: land in sicht AG Industry: Tourism Laravel Vue.js Vue SSR tailwindcss Neos CMS MySQL/MariaDB PHP Haxe Javascript
'Optisizer' Platform 2016 – 2017
Development of a platform for calculating & planning the optimal size and configuration of rooftop solar installations. This included taking into account the coordinates of the house, pulling in historic sunshine data as well as analyzing the users energy consumption.
Client: NIMIUS AG Rails PostgreSQL Turbolinks Sidekiq Ruby
'Overlayr' Application for Stream Overlays 2014 – 2018
Development of an application that helps live-streamers add stream information (such as number of viewers, subscriber goals, chat, ...) to the stream as an overlay. The backend was first built using express.js (Node) while a later version replaced the microservices with go counterparts.
Self-Started Product express.js (Node) MySQL/MariaDB Angular Websockets Golang Typescript

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